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What are the causes of epilepsy & seizures?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which people have recurrent seizures. This happens when groups of nerve cells in the brain send abnormal signals. Such patients may behave strangely or have jerks of limbs or lose consciousness.

What is Seizure?

A seizure is the physical manifestation which occurs due to abnormal brain activity. It is also

referred to as convulsion. There are many types of seizures and the Neurologist can help diagnose and treat these. Seizures can occur in people without epilepsy

Epilepsy Symptoms:

These are what we call seizures. They can manifest in multiple ways. Common types are: feeling out of touch

with surroundings, jerks of limbs, twitches of face, episodes of loss of consciousness.

Epilepsy treatment:

Epilepsy can be treated with modern medicines. The Neurologist chooses the medictaions according to the types of seizures and various factors. Usually tests like MRI & EEG and some blood tests are performed to find out the reasons for the seizure.

Dr. PR Krishnan has special interest in Epilepsy and has many international publications on Epilepsy. Dr. PR Krishnan is a reputed Neurologist in Bangalore consulting at Bannerghatta road.

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